The state of play

How we produce and consume food has a huge bearing on climate change, biodiversity and land and water use. Transport and packaging are important factors, so local and recyclable or no packaging is absolutely a good thing.

You might be surprised to learn that agriculture actually represents the biggest impact of all. In fact 80% of the impact comes from the production of food.

An aerial image of two tractors harvesting crops.

Not always apples for apples

The problem is that it's not black and white. It's not about one food item being good and one being bad. Its about the context in which they're grown and the resources required to produce them.

In other words, how they're farmed. Some farming techniques use a lot more water and land than another.

Image of farmer watering rice

Our environmental impact

is a choice

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Sure, you may have confidence that the veggies in your local farm box delivery were produced in a sustainable way. But what about the other foods you buy? The stacks of tinned tomatoes you buy each week or the ketchup, soups and frozen foods?

Lots of products have eco-friendly claims, but how can you tell if these are real or just greenwashing?

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How do you know?

The truth is that right now it's almost impossible to know whether much of the food you buy is really good or bad for the environment.

There's a gap between wanting to buy food that is better for our planet, and having the information you need to help you make those better choices. That's what we're trying to fix.

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Take responsibility for the world now

and what we'll leave behind.

What Sustained
can do

We're on a mission to make the full story of food more accessible. We've built a system to analyse the environmental impacts of food production, rating products as high, medium or low.

You can take these at face value for quick and easy swaps, or learn more about how each product performs on things like global warming or ocean pollution.

What you can do

Every purchase really does make a difference.

So, make your purchases count by using Sustained to confidently pick lower impact food.

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What we can do together

If more and more consumers start making better, less environmentally harmful choices as they shop, the weight of this demand will force food producers and big brands to make greater improvements.

And this will benefit us all.

Images of cabbages on a farm.

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