Food is a story

Every product you eat has a story attached to it. Take a packet of cheese. You make your entrance at the end of its story - melting it on top of a burger and gobbling it down at a BBQ. But what about the story that got it into your shopping trolley in the first place…. the before you story?

Image of stacked bagels

Supply chain stories

Some supply chain are short, and others can be absolute whoppers, epics even! Think about the different ingredients that go into a chicken curry, where all of these have come from, all of the production processes and the many hands that have been involved in getting these ingredients to the factory that then makes the curry you’re having on Friday night.

Image of a farm worker carrying berries.

We believe in using data

to inform choice

Image of a computer with matrix style code

We use data to tell food stories

We’ve built a tool to help make it easier to understand the story of a product and the environmental consequences it has. It uses Life Cycle Assessment frameworks (LCA), which is just a more scientific way of telling a story, because ultimately what it means is tracking and analysing the various stages of a product’s life from beginning to middle to end.

Image of hens & eggs.

We measure stuff going in, stuff going out

Most product stories can be summed up as 'stuff goes in, and stuff goes out'. All this stuff has environmental impacts. ‘Stuff going in’ can be ingredients that are grown and the impact this has on land and water use. ‘Stuff going out’ are things like CO2 and by-product or toxic waste… bad for us humans and ecosystems.

Image depicting CO2 emissions into a sunset sky.

Then we rate products according to their environmental impact

Right now, our model takes into account all of the ‘stuff’ associated with the ingredients in a product. We analyse food items in relation to 7 different impacts.

We determine a score and then bring that to you as you shop by showing you whether a product has a high, medium or low environmental impact.

Image of plums

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