Operational sustainability.

Food brands have an amazing opportunity be bold and reduce their product manufacturing impact, and be transparent about this journey to their customers.

Supply chains and production processes are complex - do products live up to sustainability and environmentally friendly claims?
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Food sustainability is more than just carbon impact. Track the full environmental impact of all your products so that consumers can trust your brand.  

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Establish the baseline environmental impact of your entire product manufacturing using first-party SKU level data.

Set evidence

Set evidence based environmental impact reduction targets and track progress against those.


Model product level changes and start reducing your manufacturing impact confidently.


Reduce your impact and track changes against targets by making modelled changes to your product lines.

Product features

A self-service platform to start actually reducing your environmental impact.

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Why use Sustained Impact?

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Full LCA assessing 16 impact categories, not just carbon, for all your product SKUs.
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Self-service, no requirement for an LCA or sustainability practitioner to perform the baseline impact assessments.
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Automation is supported through the system API allowing for integration with ERP or other relevant systems.
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Low level primary data is not needed for the baseline impact assessment.
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Significant cost and time savings when compared with traditional means of assessment.
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