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Sustained was founded to help people make better choices. More informed choices, based on reliable, trusted and accurate information.

Technologists, data scientists and researchers, software engineers, designers and product managers - the Sustained team come from an eclectic set of backgrounds - all with a desire to help drive better outcomes based on data and ease of use.

Meet the team

Silver Kuusk

Sr. Software Engineer

Silver is backend engineer at Sustained with over 20 years of experience in different software development related areas. He has formerly worked at Skype, Microsoft and Twilio. Silver's passion is the optimization and scaling of systems. He lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia.

Matthias Reich

Sr. LCA Scientist

Matthias’ academic and professional background is in energy systems engineering and life cycle assessment. He is passionate about making the insights he has gained accessible to everyone. Thus, he came from Switzerland to join Sustained in London to do just that.

Marcela Porto Costa

Sr. LCA Scientist

Born in Brazil and living in London, Marcela's passion for sustainability and innovation has led her to complete a PhD in environmental science. She spent the last 10 years helping companies with their sustainability strategy, calculation of their social, economic and environmental footprint, developing offsetting schemes, and researching different approaches of Life Cycle Assessment. Marcela loves connecting the business and academic spheres, especially when it comes to agricultural and food systems, and enjoys transforming complex LCA problems into business opportunities.

Charlotte Franzellin

Sr. Product Manager

An environmental engineer with consulting and tech startup experience that has long been a sustainability and product enthusiast. Charlotte has found the best of both worlds at Sustained, where she can help create intuitive products that can help anyone make more sustainable choices on a daily basis.

Lyudmila Lugovskaya

Sr. Data Scientist

Lyudmila is a data scientist with diverse background encompassing academic research, applied finance, psychology, maritime analytics and more. Her passion is to turn messy data into useful insights that can drive positive change.

Jevgeni Zaborovski

Software Engineer

Jevgeni is a front-end software engineer at Sustained. Born and raised in Tallinn, Estonia. Experienced with developing scalable web applications, such as internet banking and marketplaces with thousands of happy users. He is very excited to be a part of the Sustained team and deliver well-crafted software to the end-user.

Mihhail Lapushkin

Sr. Software Engineer

Software Engineer based in Tallinn, Estonia.

Allan Rank

Sr. Software Engineer

Allan is a backend engineer at Sustained with over 20 years of experience working in software development at companies like Skype, Microsoft and Twilio. He is based in Tallinn, Estonia

Ari Gold

Associate Data Researcher

Born in South Africa and raised in England, Ari brings a diverse way of thinking to his role as a data researcher at Sustained. His deep passion to understand the physics that drives the complexity of the world has led him down the path of analysing data and providing important insights. He cares about solving the puzzles that present themselves in intricate data systems and translating them to build wonderous tech to reach and impact people's daily lives to encourage sustainable change.

Danila Sukharev

Sr. Software Engineer

Born and raised in west-most part of Russia (Kaliningrad), Danila moved to Moscow to get education. Started career there in Evernote, he moved to Estonia to join Skype/Microsoft and later continued his journey in Twilio. The most intriguing for him is to be a part of a team that build products for the millions of people - to make their lives (and the World) better.

Andrei Birjukov

Sr. Software Engineer

Andrei is a software engineer at Sustained, living and working in Tallinn, Estonia. He cares about designing secure and scalable services, systems and APIs. A long time gearhead and a system software enthusiast, he was formerly an engineering lead at Skype, Microsoft, and Twilio.

Sergei Chertkov

Product Architect

Sergei is an engineer by heart who is always busy building new cool things. He spent 6 years of his tech career in research working on applied AI and fault-tolerant systems, and more than 10 years building small independent projects and large-scale software systems, such as Skype and Twilio. His passion is to make cutting-edge technology advancements serve people in everyday life.

Michael Velenko

Co-Founder & CTO

Born and raised in Latvia, Michael has spent his career developing software at scale across Skype, Microsoft and Twilio. Having built and lead product engineering organisations in both the Old World and the New, his passion has always been creating useful things that last.

Carl Olivier

Co-Founder & CEO

Carl's journey in product and engineering began at the turn of the century in Cape Town. After moving to London and having worked at Skype, Microsoft and Twilio with a focus on product, Carl has turned his attention to an area he has a personal passion for, namely leaving things at least a little better than he found them.

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