Food production is driving biodiversity loss and climate change.

Be a leader and reduce your environmental impact by designing lower impact food products

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It's simple, we need to reduce our impact, not just offset it.

Except it isn't simple, it is very complex.
Let Sustained help you take control of your impact journey.

Next generation impact reduction through LCA automation

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Take control of your journey to being a sustainable business

The largest contributor to your company's environmental impact comes from the products you sell.  Design lower impact products to reduce your overall impact at scale.

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Put environmental impact governance, reduction strategy and transparency at the heart of your business.
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Enable actual reduction of impact with a science and data centric evidence base to report on progress with confidence.
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Identify risks and opportunities in your production processes, enabling efficiencies and improvements at scale.
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Market and advertise your hard earned environmental success stories without fear of not being able to substantiate them.
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The planet and regulators will thank you.

Sustained Impact provides a science-based life cycle assessment approach to base your impact reduction on fact, not fiction. Reducing your company’s environmental impact is best done from the ground up, creating more environmentally friendly products.


Establish the baseline environmental impact of your entire product manufacturing using first-party SKU level data.


Set evidence based environmental impact reduction targets by identifying the high impact life cycle stages for your products. Track your progress using actual sales data.


Model and design low impact products empowering your teams to deliver low footprint products from the start.  Replace your old products with better versions.


Reduce your impact and track changes against targets by making modelled changes to your product lines.

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